Through my art practice of furniture design, sculpture, mixed media and printmaking I create bespoke art that addresses environmental issues and/or uses reclaimed materials. I seek to create beautiful, well crafted pieces of art that highlights the inherent beauty of reclaimed resources, and let’s face it, life is too short for bad design!

I’m passionate about sustainability, so where possible I use reclaimed materials gathered from local farms, demolished buildings and salvage yards. When new products are required, I prefer to use ones with good environmental credentials.

I believe that the resources going to waste are too precious and deserve to be reused. Recycled materials hold the history of our lives, which makes them incredibly valuable. When we throw away resources we not only loose the material, but also the energy that went into making the resource.

I’m just a typical Kiwi bloke with a number 8-wire mentality. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved being outside and creating. I was brought up in the country and as a kid I was never home, always out exploring. I thought all my Christmas’s had come at once when I discovered a lot of old rusty wire in local dumping pit. I dragged it home, much to my parent’s disgust and started turning it into figurative sculptures.

I was lucky to grow up with the space to experiment and with a family that put up with my hair brained ideas. I was brought up not to waste anything so recycling became ingrained in me at an early age, so all of my initial work was out of reclaimed materials You can see why I’m so passionate about crafting functional and beautiful designs from reclaimed resources.

• St Margaret’s College Art Exhibition
• Imprint exhibition at Little River Gallery with Sofia Minson, Melissa Sharplin & Kate Beatty

• Full Circle exhibition at Little River Gallery with Tania Bostock
(works depicting New Zealand’s dramatic landscape from reclaimed timber)

• Art in the Garden
Elliot felt sheepish about his current predicament


• Sculpture on the Peninsula
(Who let the cat out of the bag? & George wasn’t amoosed by all this hanging around)

• Whole House Reuse Exhibition at Canterbury Museum
(Role Reversal lamps, Richter shelf, Oh Deer, who’s going to lead Santa’s sleigh? & Admiral’s Treasure Table)

• Little River Gallery
(assorted mixed media works that where part of a two person show)

• Rekindle Off-cut series
(a series of works made from weatherboard offcuts)


• Ellerlie Flower Show
(Mind the Gap)

• Art in a Garden

• Sculpture on the Peninsula
(Water Restrictions)

• Art in a Garden
(Inner Beauty & Uncle Abert: a Chiropractors Nightmare)

• 2002 – 2004: Bachelor of Visual Communication (CPIT)
• 1993 – 1995: Diploma of Parks & Garden Technology (Lincoln University)